April 20 2011:

Dream drought coming to an end it seems. I awoke this morning to my first memory of meeting a “gray” alien. It wasn’t exactly grey and I don’t know that it was an “alien” but when I use the phrase “gray alien” you at least know what I’m talking about. 

Ok so I only remember a fragment of the dream. I entered a room and saw before me a meeting taking place. There was about 15 people sitting around a table. One of the people sitting around the table was a women and standing directly behind her was this entity. He was so close to her and it’s arms actually went into her back as if he was controlling a puppet. She and all the others seemed unaware of its presence and it was unaware of my presence as it didn’t look over at me. I closed the door and left.

I went off to another building nearby. I was inside it and looking out through a window. I was casually chatting to a man standing near m. We were looking at the view, a massive lake or body of water and people playing in it. At this point I became aware of the woman,who was in the meeting, standing at the door looking at me. I glanced over at her and she gave me a look as if to say, “you know why I’m here.”  I wasn’t scared of her, but I was a little intimidated. I decided to ignore her and looked out through the window again. All of a sudden a massive wave came in. I shouted to the man “Hey look at this!” Before I awoke I had one final thought,and it was that the wave was artificial.

The “gray alien” was about the same size as the woman sitting down so I’d guess about 4 feet. It was more of a dirty grey with what looked like black marks on it’s body and its skull was slightly elongated.

May 6 2011:

I awoke at 5am this morning from a dream and this is what I scribbled down.

I’m in my bedroom with two friends. Out of the window about 15 feet away I see a small black disk just hovering for a few seconds and then moving off out of sight. It felt like we were being watched and I wondered if it was some kind of camera. I screamed “UFO! Did you see it?” I’m not sure they did and things went flying as I clambered onto the window ledge to get another glimpse of it.

We all ran outside into the back garden to try to find it again. I ran up the garden and heard some screaming coming from the alley at the back of the house. A bit scared, I grabbed the washing pole to defend myself from whatever was making people scream. Me and the pole weren’t going to fit through the garden gate though so I dropped it. I ran up the alley and into the road and people were looking into a car,horrified. I think inside the car was something glowing blue. (I know that doesn’t make any sense,but that’s what I wrote.)

Suddenly I look up into the sky looking for this black disk and instead what I see is this stick or a branch or a chopstick… (?) “twinkle” into existence. It points straight towards me and starts to move very fast right at me. I should have been scared of it injuring me but I wasn’t and at the last-minute it turned away from me and I reached out and caught it! When I caught the “whatever it was” I suddenly remembered something. 

And guess what? I can’t remember what I suddenly remembered! Argh!!!!! Not so “Wide awake in Dreamland”.

Update May 9 2011:

Ok so just over 24 hours later, my girlfriend gave me these Chopsticks made from wood! She had no knowledge of the dream. How about that. They just twinkled into existence. Whats the meaning of that?

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