I saw the Hatman.

I’ve seen “beings” three times in my life. I use the term “being” because I don’t know what else to call something that looks like a person when really nothing should be there.

This event happened one night in 1996.  At the time I was living in Ormskirk, near Liverpool in the north-west of England. There was nothing unusual about the evening before and I was in bed with my girlfriend at the time, Deborah. During the night something woke me up. I was lying on my back and I lifted my head and shoulders, rested my weight onto my elbows and looked towards the bottom of the bed.


What was standing there was almost exactly the image in the photograph. A very tall man wearing what looked like a cape or cloak and a very large hat, slightly larger than the hat in the photo. He seemed to be looking in my direction, but I saw no features, eyes, face etc. I didn’t feel overly worried or scared I just couldn’t understand why there was a man standing at the foot of my bed.

What I did next confuses me. Unable to comprehend why someone was in my room I decided it couldn’t be real and promptly and cowardly decided to slip under the covers and go back to sleep and hoped it would just go away. I don’t know why I did that. Who in their right mind would ignore or dismiss someone standing in their room? I wish I’d had the balls to get up or at least move towards it, or talk to it, or wake Deb up. If I’d done that, it may well have disappeared, but that has to be better than hiding under my covers thinking it was still in the room. I guess I was in denial of it being there. That was easier than dealing with it. I certainly wasn’t terrified but I guess I was worried enough to just want to ignore it and hope it went away. Deb slept through this and back to sleep I went.

In the morning, I woke up and it was the first thing I thought of. I had a good few minutes to think about what I was going to say to Deb and how I was going to say it. When she did wake up, I said to her “Did you see anything in our room last night?” That was all I said. I was carefull not to say anymore than that. She replied very casually “Yeah there was a man standing at the bottom of the bed.” I asked her to describe him because I wanted confirmation of what I saw and she said “A tall man in black with a very big hat on.” Gulp!

That was that and I don’t remember us talking about it again, until recently, when I asked her if she still remembered it and she did. I had to be sure that I hadn’t dreamt even that conversation with her we had in the morning.

Whats stranger is Deb wasn’t awake when I saw the “Hatman”. Which means she awoke at some other point during the night and saw him.

Before that night, I’d never heard of this phenomenon, known as “The Hatman” but have since found out that this exact experience, a tall man, with a cape and a large hat on standing at the bottom of your bed is actually a surprisingly common experience for many thousands of people. I’ve heard so-called experts trying to dismiss this experience as either a hallucination or sleep paralysis. But they can’t be right. I wasn’t paralysed for starters. I clearly remember lifting my body up and resting on my elbows and had no problem ducking under the covers. What about two people having the exact same hallucination? I don’t think so. It wasn’t even like I had an hallucination and planted the idea into Deborah’s mind for her brain to re-create it. There was no communication between me and Deb until I asked her if she’d seen anything in the room last night, when we both woke up in the morning. She was equally unaware of this phenomenon.

I’ve made no conclusions as to what it was. God know I’d like too. I really don’t know what or who it was. I don’t know how long it was there either. Deb woke up at some other point during the night and still saw it. Does this mean the “being” had an objective reality then if we both saw it?

I’m so glad I had this experience with someone else, despite the frustrating question it raises. Someone else saw exactly what I saw and that rules a lot of things out. I might not know what it was, but I know what it wasn’t.

6 thoughts on “I saw the Hatman.

  1. Hi Matt..the picture I put in the article,except for a slightly larger hat,is exactly what I saw. If I had seen the creature in the picture you provided,I would of had a heart attack on the spot and died,gladly. 🙂


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