Meditation,Hemi-Sync and High Strangeness.

In the past, I haven’t been the most disciplined person when it comes to meditation. However when I do give it my full attention it does pay off with results. It is without doubt a secret back door to the paranormal experience.

For years I really struggled with meditation, stuck with the internal dialogue and distractions the brain butts in with but I discovered, only a few years ago, that simply re-focusing on your breathing stops any brain chatter. I should have read a book on it.

I’m getting there now though and the times I have disciplined myself enough to do it there really is another world in there.

I’ll give a brief description of the few things that have happened in some of my meditations below. Firstly though, there is a shortcut to getting into that deeper state of mind where things start to happen. It’s called Hemi-Sync*. It’s not cheating either. It get’s you where you need to be to begin, in a fraction of the time, which is a brain wave state of 8 or 9 Hertz and below. Similar to a hypnogogic state which is the feeling you get just before you fall to sleep. That’s where the brain shuts up and consciousness can do it thing. Who know’s if any of this is right, it’s just how I understand it.

So my technique is to focus on my breathing for as long as necessary and then to look out into the darkness from the perspective of my forehead instead of my usual  two eyes. I do this until I reach that hypnogogic state. Until I reach this point, if the mind chatter pops up, simply return to the conscious breathing. Very quickly I get a “good throbbing” in my forehead. Who doesn’t enjoy a good throbbing?

I digress.

The start for me is the appearence of wispy bits of light gently floating around. Soon after this I notice what looks like a hole within the darkness in which I can see through or into. Like looking through a keyhole. Through this hole or gap in the darkness I can see another “lighter” environment. However I can’t make out what I’m looking at, because it’s too small. At this point, either the hole comes towards me when I focus on it or my awareness moves closer to the hole and the vision of what is through the other side becomes larger. I don’t think I actually get to go through to the other side and enter this new environment. Instead I suddenly get a light show of these vibrant colours. Mainly purples to begin with, but then they can and do change through the spectrum of colours like they are phasing. They make strange fractal patterns or just wash across my vision, dissipating and then new ones emerging. It’s very entertaining to watch them, letting the colours do their own thing.  They are the same colours we know, but so much more vibrant shades. I could watch them all day.

I think you have to look past these though and not get too distracted by them. This is a hurdle for me as they are impressive and can bring you out of the deep mind state you’re in. My heart rate often increases when I see them but if you don’t get to emotionally attracted to them this can lead onto other images or scenes, that for me just pop up and fill my vision. I am immersed in them. Each of these images described below are from different meditation sessions, due to the fact they are so vibrant and a little shocking as they take me by surprise. So much so I havent yet got past this stage. Except once. So these are the images that have presented themselves to me. They are really clear and vivid images and last only about 5 seconds as I start to get too excited at what I’m looking at.

There’s a picture for everything on google pics.

A red spiral galaxy, a blue eye lid which opens up and a beautiful blue eye just staring back at me, a vision of the sun, my perspective is floating above the clouds and looking at beautiful reflections of the sunlight on top of the clouds, a starry sky, my vision filled with a night sky unfortunately not long enough for me to recognise any constellations, sitting in a field of grass as a plane flies low over my head and red forked lightning shooting out from my forehead going off into the distance.

The exception I mentioned earlier was this one time I was so deep I felt like just consciousness in a big black expanse and had no awareness of my body at all, other than being fully aware I was meditating and lying on my bed. This particular time I was trying (obviously without trying) to leave my body and the description of “just consciousness and no awareness of my body” certainly sounds like an “out-of-body experience” but there must be a difference albeit a subtle one, because I’m not sure I did. Anyway, I knew I had a playing field here and could do anything I wanted within this black expanse. I felt locked into this state of mind too and wasn’t worried about coming out of it and back to the perspective of being in my body. All I said in this state was “let’s go”.

I didn’t know what would happen but I did know something would happen. At this I started flying down a “sparkly” tunnel in the blackness. It had lots of turns in it and was fast and exhilarating. What was coming at me from the other direction were symbols. These were such complex symbols, though it was impossible to try and remember them. They were just too complicated to take in as they whizzed past at great speed. This went on for some time until at some point my perspective returned to my body and I opened my eyes. What a ride.

If you have any meditation tips,I’m all ears.

4 thoughts on “Meditation,Hemi-Sync and High Strangeness.

  1. Have you ever read Drunvalo Melchizedek’s book living in the heart? I think you would benefit greatly from the teachings he has in that book! great post 🙂


  2. Sweet! Very awesome article… I can completely relate. You explained it so vividly and clear. I’ve also experienced this with my own practices. It’s neat to read of similar experiences from someone else, put so simply and down to earth.


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