Reflections on Synchronicity.

It’s hard not to question the nature of reality when your faced with a series of synchronistic events in quick succession. But easy to come to the wrong conclusion. I remember a series coincidences a few  years back, all happening one after the other, to the point I actually thought I had suddenly become psychic! 🙂 I hadn’t though.

In the hours that preceded them, I had just got off the phone with a friend. We had resolved some issues we had and we were best friends again. As a result of that conversation, I felt so elated. A weight had been lifted of my shoulders and the world felt great again. What then happened was a quick series of synchronicities over the next hour or so. It was all too weird. They would seem quite trivial to anyone else, so I wont expand on them here. However, after experiencing them, to top them off, I was driving down a country lane with a tune playing on the radio. I was wondering how everything just seemed to flow and how life could feel so good when this happened. Instantly there was a melodic pause in the track on the radio and a voice said “It’s like the universe is looking directly at you!” It was certainly an answer to my question and a meaningful one. That’s exactly how it felt.

It was enough for me to think there was a guiding force at work here. Speaking to me through synchronicities. If you’re inclined to believe in guiding forces, which I have been at times, the synchronicity would seem to be confirmation of such a belief. The Cosmic Joker strikes again. Easy to get stuck right there.

I’m currently reading a book on Synchronicities by a Dr. Kirby Surprise called “Synchronicity”. He suggests in his book that the Synchronicities in the outside world are mere reflections of our inner world. Let me just quote the good Doctor regarding these events:

“You see reflections of what is happening in your unconscious as well as your conscious thoughts. You will see your own internal processes,your hopes,your dreams,your issues and your spiritual life.”

As above,so below? Or something. Nothing too new agey, just one big mirror. It’s making me want to go back and look at my own synchronistic events and see if they fit. And I’m struggling to find one that doesn’t. So when I’m pondering on why life feels so good and why everything just flows perfectly and the radio suddenly answers my query with “It’s like the universe is looking at you”, it doesn’t necessarily mean the answer is correct in any way. It could just be that what I was thinking and feeling was mirrored back at me. Albeit in a nice catchy phrase much better than I could have verbalised. If I was delusional, I said if, and believed I was the son of god, to use an extreme example, synchronistic events may well reflect that idea back to me to confirm that belief. Making me believe it all the more instead of just seeing it as a reflection of my state of mind. Take any belief, induce a heightened emotional state and see confirmation for yourself. Perhaps wrongly.

Urgency by Jeremy Vaeni

Urgency by Jeremy Vaeni

My most recent series of sychronicities occurred only last week. So let me try to pull this one apart. I was reading a book by Jeremy Vaeni, called “Urgency”. An excellent book. Whilst reading this book, the series of synchronistic events was preceded by a feeling of elation, same as before. I was seeing the world differently again, due to the books content, kind of like the feeling you get during an epiphany.

So after this initial change in the feeling of the room I was in, I was reading the book on the kindle, laying on my bed. Right in front of my face about 5 inches away appeared a bright white light about 1 cm across. It was right in front of me and there long enough for me to look directly at it. It was white, bright and shining. Rays and all. Just sitting there just above my kindle before popping out of existence. I carried on reading only for the author to describe not two pages on, him being in his apartment when a small white light, the same size entered into his apartment, which then disappeared. So I read on with tunes automatically playing in the background on my laptop. I read a line in the book which stated  “One wakes oneself up” and at the exact same time I read this, the tune I’m listening to, has a melodic break and a voice says “I’m sorry to wake you.”

The timing was so perfect, it couldn’t have been cued better. So I read on a little more and the author goes on to describe an image he can see on his apartment floor of snakes. He knows it can’t be real, but he’s watching it all the same. I stop reading at this point and reflect on what he’s saying. Whilst reflecting I’m absent-mindedly staring into space. When I come out of my reflection, I realise the direction of my gaze and what I’m looking at. It’s a picture I drew of snakes.

So once again, the song perfectly reflected what I was reading. By the way I don’t doubt Jeremy and his experiences  for one second. With that in mind, go to 2 mins and 50 secs into the song and you’ll see why my eyes nearly popped out their sockets when it happened. 

A  perfect reflection of what I was thinking and feeling. So I had the heightened emotional state which seems to pre-empt these events and could be fueling them. The reflection of what I was reading and my certainty of what he was saying being correct, beautifully reflected in the phrase that suddenly appeared in the song. They are the only words in the song and the tunes were playing randomly. The picture of snakes was perfectly reflecting what I was, no pun intended, reflecting on. The light that appeared is a bit harder to work out. It appeared to me slightly before I read Jeremy’s account of a seemingly identical object appearing to him. So I’m not sure if this fits into Dr. Kirby’s ideas. Perhaps I just haven’t read enough of the book yet. An idea just came to me though. I was certainly having epiphanies reading this book. Is another way of saying that, a light was going off in my head? And that was being reflected out into the real world. That might be stretching it.

Meaningful coincidences make life so rich. I still don’t understand how they make the transition from our “inner world” to “outer world” yet, but I must admit my ideas are moving away from them being manifestations of us being guided into certain situations at certain times into something more akin of a reflection of our inner world.

3 thoughts on “Reflections on Synchronicity.

  1. I liked this post. Thanks. Synchronicities and signs are everywhere. Some say the animals you see during the day are signs, too. Just last week a line of chickens was blocking the road, and earlier two ponies were running free down a neighbor’s courtyard (having escaped from somewhere). It was funny to see the animal control man standing there helpless, as if thinking: “How the heck am I going to catch rogue ponies?” Sometimes ravens will sit on my balcony and stare inside, at just the right moment. If you listen carefully certain words and themes will keep presenting themselves. I took out a phone number one day to call a friend that I hadn’t spoken to in five years; I didn’t get around to dialing. But she called me the very next day. ~ Sam


  2. I really enjoyed your stories and point of view. I, too, experience synchronicities with daily regularity and am always in joyful wonderment with each new surprise. Always love it when I find others who experience the world this way, too. Thanks for sharing.


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