“SIRIUS” A little more progress.


facebook.com/CosmicArtwork   Prints and Originals of my work here.


6 thoughts on ““SIRIUS” A little more progress.

  1. Well that surprises me 😛 I love your art and wish I was that steady at inking my sacred geometry art, always mess up the inking lol. I’m really getting into making orgonite out of wax, this requires containers and some interesting opportunities for artwork, wait until you see my current project, nothing as fancy as yours but I’m positive you’ll like it!


    • When you say “inking”,I dont actually use ink,it’s all done with a fine-liner pen. Perhaps that is called “inking”,I’m pretty new to this. 🙂 Orgonite sounds interesting. Have you got a facebook page? Actually I will pop into your site regulally to see. 🙂


  2. Well I’m not much of an artist, I just consider inking fine liner or pen or anything that isn’t pencil lol! And no facebook page yet, still in the prototype stage but eventually I plan to make a website and sell them through that as well as locally


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