The Ancient Secrets of Symbols.

This series of videos “Magical Egypt” by John West is perhaps the best documentry about Ancient Egypt. Part 1 here.

Part 8 (posted above) is an Interview with Laird Scranton who has discovered whole layers of information hidden within the  symbols and heiroglyphics of the Ancients. It’s not Woo-Woo, wishfull thinking or pseudo science….it’s incontrovertible!! 🙂 It’s also been quite the inspiration in my Artwork too.


A free sample chapter. (Kindle)

2 thoughts on “The Ancient Secrets of Symbols.

  1. Just off to watch part one. . . .thanks for the heads up 🙂
    I’m loving your work, so simple yet effective with just the frame of black on white, cant wait to see more of your creations, they are addictive to draw arnt they?


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