New picture finished.

master1loIt’s not quite finished, probably a few hundred dots and dashes to go. Dots and dashes eh? Just another reminder that everything is just 1’s and 0’s. And the date is 10-11…lest we forget.  With today being remembrance day perhaps subconsciously I’ve drawn a Cosmic Poppy. Took the picture today  because the Sun came out. It doesn’t come out everyday anymore.

Original and prints available here.

close up.

close up.

4 thoughts on “New picture finished.

  1. The black and white versus colour is always interesting to me. I’m often pushed to go into colour and I’m sure it will happen eventually. It would feel like starting all over again though. To be honest the only thing stopping me doing colour pics is the price of coloured markers.

    I just want to squeeze a bit more experience out of using just a black marker and seeing what effects I can create. Although I do like the 50 shades of grey I play with and I can find them so colourfull despite no colour. So it’s cool you see “golden glitter and bright neon colors”
    Any ideas for a title for this pic?


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