Morse code in my head.

"Stella Consciousness" A3-Pencils. The Cosmic Joker 2012.

“Stella Consciousness” A3-Pencils.
the cosmic joker 2012

I was going to sleep last night and was enjoying a nice relaxed hypnogogic state as I drifted off. The blackness I saw behind my eyelids became a vast black space.  And as happens often I enjoyed a nice show of vibrant colours washing around. The bit that has never happened before is then I heard morse code. But it was really fast. If I tried to concentrate on the beeps it would suddenly fade away. If I didn’t concentrate or listen for the morse code it returned. So there was no point trying to decipher it.

No idea what it means though. It did make me wonder if it was connected to my drawing. My shading is comprised of purely dots and dashes. A tenuous link I’m sure. Just sayin. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Morse code in my head.

  1. Some downloading happening 🙂
    At least thats what I’ve thought when I’ve hear similar sounds .. like beeps that fade away and come back in my head. Maybe related to the brain starting to release DMT as we get closer to a sleeping state ? And the connection opening up to the spiritual realm ?

    Do you see shapes and figures sometimes when you wake up in the middle of the night ? Like a lot of random figures going through your eyesight, maybe like traveling through a tunnel in which you meet a lot of different beings .. this happens to me a lot. Sometimes pretty scary..


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