Winter Sosltice.

Tuning into the Winter Solstice can bring some creative results. Nothing to do with the Mulled Wine!

The 3 pictures on the drawing board are my creations since the Winter Solstice this year (Dec21) and the 2 prints at the back are my Summer Solstice creation this year. ( “The Church of Synchronicity” )

I did get some Xmas tree lights, I just couldn’t be bothered to get a tree.

xmas with cosmic

2 thoughts on “Winter Sosltice.

  1. i love your blog. everything you have here, is to my taste. You have worked hard and it shows.. Love the you tubes – all well thought out before posting. well done. eve –


    • Eve thankyou so much. I started my blog simply to have some of my weird experiences written down in one place and secondly just a way to have something like a creative Art diary, just for me really, so It’s a real compliment when someone says something like that.
      You read my diary and you still like me! 🙂


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