The Real Matrix: Mistaking Fractal for Metaphor for Literal


Formless awareness is creating and is all forms. Nothingness/Thingness. These forms make decisions in a manner that reflects their origin. No/Yes. One of these forms, humans, invents a computer that also makes decisions in a manner that reflects origin. Off/On. Blind to real origin, these humans mistake the binary code of their invention for origin. Therefore, that computer is a literal device that has a metaphor attached to it alluding to the fractal workings of reality.

Binary code is not what the universe is made of. Formlessness/form is the whole deal. Whole deal–there’s not even a creator divorced from this. We are not a video game or a hologram. Those are just intellectual expressions of our fundamental nature, which cannot be fully understood by intellect. The intellect can create metaphors for it and find metaphors bubbling to the surface through its inventions because… well… everything is a metaphor for everything else.

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