Working on my logo-⚛

LOGO6Working on my logo design and I’ve decided to simplyfy my last effort. As I’m discovering with logos less is more. Less ink anyway. So we start with the 3 symbols in the middle. Seen as letters of the alphabet and starting at the front going backwards we spell out the word TAO. One definition of Tao being..the dynamic principle of life by which all things happen or exist. That will do nicely. Taken as an acronym they now stand for “The. Art. Of.” a prefix I use often. Not least in “The Art Of Affecting Consciousness”.  Now the 3 shapes symbolise the tools needed to do my art. A compass, ruler and set square.


House of the Neter.

Within the image is this egyptian heiroglyphic which is thought to  depict –House of the Neter / principle of nature (Pyramid). So this image gives a new context to the 3 central symbols. (As shown in image “Zep Tepi” corner stones.) A pyramid, A stone circle and a dolem.

I’m sure the logo will evolve..just sharing what goes through my mind. 🙂

As sometimes happens I don’t know when to stop when it comes to logos so I filled up the rest of the page! See exhibit A. (Original available)


“Zep Tepi” corner stones.


Exhibit A.

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