☼-Work in progress.


☼-This is what a head full of symbols looks like. Mine anyway. Including the outrageous tinittus. A 2 day doodle (inverted). Placed firmly in the centre of good quality A3 paper, (just incase it looked good). Free now to expand it into……



2 thoughts on “☼-Work in progress.

  1. I love this. The day you wrote this I found a few snatched moments to meditate for the first time in ages, and I literally visualised the mental detritus in my mind…strange bulbous shapes, weird spiky spindly ones, all had to be cleared out before the meditative state could be reached. Sometimes my head is so full of symbols too!

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  2. Fantastic visuals Amy. There can be a lot of clutter to get past first. 🙂 I often get distracted by vibrant colours swimming around before I can go deeper.
    Also thankyou so much for the compliment, hope you like the finished picture.


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