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NINEIt’s time. Time for Jeff Ritzmann and I to reunite and give listeners what they crave: a show where we go deeper into our own experiences and the mysteries surrounding phenomena that have baffled humanity from time immemorial.

Although we will feature guests now and again, Paratopia Oculus will not be another of the same old same old format. Mainly, it’s Jeff and I tackling these things as only we can. So, if you thought our after chats were the best part of Paratopia, this show is for you. If you have a string of thought you’d like us to tug on, give it to us. We need to flesh out these issues from different angles–including, importantly, your own.

While there will be no monthly or yearly recurring billing options, we are adhering to a pay-per-episode structure, although the first is free. There will be no iTunes freebie first half and then the rest pay…

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