hatman mid.jpg

I’ve been meaning to draw this exact picture for a couple of years now. Seeing how I am stuck in bed recuperating from an operation, I thought I would get it out of my head.

Update: So I’ve finished the picture above, it was worthy of finishing. The black and white space spiralling around the border symbolises the concept of twin universes, (universes being born in pairs) one physical, the other non physical, wrapped around and within one another. The ancient symbols at the top centre represent a possible way of communication between a material and non material universes. The dots and dashes behind them showing that information is being transmitted , not just pretty symbols. The Symbols bottom centre are Egyptian hieroglyphics for the word “hept”, which means ‘to embrace’. A square and a hemi sphere surrounded by a pair of outstretched arms. But symbolically read can mean the embrace of the physical and non physical. The corner stones again are Egyptian symbols for wind-fire-earth and water through which a material universe emerges.

So the reason I connected the Hatman to this ancient concept is only because I don’t know not what was standing in my room that time. Perhaps these non physical beings come from a non physical universe wrapped all around and within us. 

I saw it once standing at the bottom of my bed. Read more…

5 thoughts on “The Hatman…Updated.

  1. Hey man, long time no talk. Ya the shape seems important. Most people describe it similar to what you have here. When I saw it I remember the hat was in the “bowler” style. The one I saw had rounder shoulders, but I’ve heard it described with harder squarer shoulders before. I think I could also see slightly through the one near me.

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      • Beings wearing hats…They are kind of all over the place, including the UFO literature. Since I am reluctant to call these guys ‘aliens’, visitors from another reality or dimension works too. I feel that some still unknown connection to consciousness is at play, and it may manifest differently depending upon the person having the experience. They appear to also resemble a ‘keyhole’? Maybe they are offering you a ‘key’ to the door…If would like to relay more of your experiences, let me know…I am here to listen.

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  2. Hi Darlene. My mind keeps going towards the keyhole symbolism. I’ve drawn the hatman hidden in about 5 pictures now and each time I always wonder if people think I’m drawing a keyhole. I always think there’ll be at least a few who recognise it as something they saw.
    If this non material universe is wrapped around and within us, then even questions like is it a projection of my consciousness become even harder to answer if we are that interconnected.
    I will relay more experiences from my past, I blogged them years ago on here but,since then I’ve learn’t to draw and those experiences and my perspective on consciousness are kind of what I crave to put on paper in my style of art. Thanks for the feedback Darlene. And the retweets on Twitter. 🙂


    • …And perhaps The Hatman is both the key and keyhole? One of my theories is that consciousness plays with us to get our attention, using various methods to see what works, and sparks our creativity and imagination to explore further. (Sadly, some folks never look past the end of their noses!) Some people see UFOs, some see dead people, dream the future, what-have-you, and even within all of those there is a wide variety of experiences (The emails that I have received all over the place, and some people have highly positive experiences, while others are literally your worst nightmare.) You had The Hatman, and for me it was a giant bunny rabbit in bed next to me when I was about 5 years old. I was not dreaming, and I remember it as if if was yesterday. Even more disconcerting was that my little sister was supposed to be in that spot next to me. I reacted to that rabbit exactly the same as you did to the hatman—I drew the covers over my head out of fear and eventually went back to sleep. I was not scared of rabbits at all, and indeed I love animals, yet I knew that something was seriously out of whack that night.If you think of Consciousness as being about experience and learning, then each one of us is embedded in it and also contributing to the learning and information that is the Greater Consiousness. How we react and respond to it adds to the body of knowledge of consciousness as well…Or not (we can’t be real certain about it, can we?)Your main response appears to be through artistic creativity (and lovely art by the way!) Plus, it is a way to possibly open up others to experience as well, so the Greater Consciousness is also using you as a conduit to others that are paying attention (and paying attention is the real key, isn’t it?)Let me ask you : Do you experience a sense of ‘awe’ on a regular basis? Do you love nature? Do you ever feel that when you observe nature it also observes you?Thanks so much for responding! DarleneThe Cosmic Librarian 

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