On my way to the Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid

You know where!

I am a self taught Artist/Book illustrator based in Kent, England. I am inspired by a living Sun, ancient symbolism and sacred geometry.
For years I have experimented with meditation and the hypnogogic state between wakefullness and sleep. These states of mind and originally a fascination with crop circles have activated something in my mind/imagination of an infinite nature where there are no end of ideas ready to be turned into art.
If you need artwork or want to help in anyway please don’t hesitate in contacting me.
🙂 Steve- The Cosmic Joker.



Kits Coty.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Man

    I was just researching Zep Tepi and stumbled across your work. I think it’s awesome!
    I used to be in to drawing similar geometric stuff at school but nowhere near as good. I hoped to be a tattooist but developed a pretty unsteady hand so decided to become a brain surgeon instead….. joking, I some how became an architect. The use of CAD was a way to be creative without my shakes getting in the way.
    Anyway, I would love to have a piece of your work tattooed on me. I think it kicks ass on all the typical shit people plaster themselves with. I’m well in to ancient alien theory etc and love ancient symbolism. Would you mind recommending some of your work for me to select as a tattoo?


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