An Electrifying Experience.

picture credit: A silent republic.

It was June 27th 1999 and I was sharing a flat in Hackney, London with 2 Vietnamese girls. I went downstairs to put £20 in the electricity meter and came back upstairs to use the bathroom. Little did I know that within a few minutes I would be crawling on my hands and knees out of the bathroom, unaware of what had just happened to me.


So I’m standing in front of the toilet doing what one normally does in front of the toilet, if you’re a man, when a very strange sensation came over me. Impending doom! I knew I had seconds to finish what I was doing or it would be a messy affair.

Suddenly what felt like all my energy just fell out of me through my feet. On the way to losing consciousness, I heard an almighty big bang. I think this was my head hitting the wash basin on my way to the floor. Whilst on the floor there was still a little of me aware of what was going on but none of it makes sense. My whole body was inside a bubble of blue and white sparks. I was under attack! It was way more than I could handle. I’m glad I only had a small portion of my awareness available to me. I had a view of the bathroom, looking along the floor, my eyes wide open. A strange perspective to suddenly find yourself in. The strangest thing of all was the feeling of an immense amount of energy shooting out through my eyes. Like fucking laser beams it was so strong. (pardon my french)

I have no idea how long this was going on for, but it wasn’t quick. As the energy did subside after some unknown time, I became more conscious and I instantly forgot what had just happened. Perhaps it was too traumatic. I remember quite innocently thinking “Come on, get up off the floor or someone will find you here”. Without even thinking why I was there. All I could do was crawl out of the bathroom on my hands and knees and try to make my way to my living area. It took me ages, eventually getting to my feet in the hallway and I even tried to be quiet as I walked past the girls room. I wouldn’t know what to say and didn’t want them to see me like this.

I eventually got to my bed and just lay there, a little scared actually, as what had just happened started coming  back to me. On the scale of weird events, this was off the scale. I was literally buzzing and I literally mean literally. My feet felt like they were on fire, they were burning so much and all around my body was an electric aura. It extended about 2 feet around my body and I could feel the exact place where it stopped and started as I moved my hands out from my body. I was fascinated that I could feel it so strongly all around me and at the point it stopped, I felt nothing. Pen and paper conveniently at hand I started writing down what had happened, albeit in shaky handwriting, as I didn’t want to forget any of the details. I haven’t had a repeat of this experience.

I have to say despite this being such an intense experience it wasnt an unpleasant one. Just shocking, in every sense of the word. I really wasn’t expecting that.  The house was struck by lightning a couple of weeks before this event and one minute before I hit the deck I was putting £20 into my electricity meter. Dots not worth connecting for sure, I’m just saying. But given the chance I would actually have the experience again as it’s like nothing else I’ve ever felt. If I could though, start off in the lying down position, that would be preferable to head-butting everything on my way down.

Steve/ The Cosmic Joker.

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