Mini Moleskines.


I received these today in the post. 4 mini Moleskines! As close to ‘sexy stationary’ as it’s possible to get. 🙂 ❤

☼-The Cosmic Joker on Pinterest and Instagram.

The Cosmic Joker.



Laird Scranton is the key to advanced science in the ancient egyptian heiroglyphs!


Finally saved a few pennies to buy “Sacred Symbols of the Dogon” by Laird Scranton. I could not be more happy!! 🙂

Here’s a really interesting interview with Laird a few weeks ago. ❤

Ancient Secrets #1 : The Temple in Man.




I could spend a lifetime studying this magnificent place. Luxor Temple in Egypt. Also known as The Temple in Man. It’s a real insight into the quality of consciousness experienced thousands of years ago. This is my first attempt at trying to capture it’s mysterious, symbolic nature. I may have to spread it out over 4 pieces of A3 paper however due to its size.

The above pictures represent the top of the head down to the heart. I would also like to do a complete version (top to toe) I think on A2 sized paper. Good luck me! 🙂

392-Luxor temple aerial 1

If you would like to know more about “The Temple in Man” make a cup of tea and watch this. 🙂