Twin Universes.

Twin Universes.

“Twin Universes”

303mm X 303mm. 11th Febuary 2016.

Original and prints available.

Medallion of Havaiti Nui.

Medallion of Havaiti Nui. blog.Artwork commissioned by Kawika McKeague for the people of Hawaii, New Zealand and Easter Island. They are represented at the 3 points of the pyramid. The waters and islands within the pyramid are known as the Pacific triangle of La(e)muria or Muu.
Man is represented by the concave square behind the pyramid and at the end of the intersecting lines emerging from the centre of the pyramid. Above each man are hieroglyphic symbols for the 4 gods of Polynesia: Tu, Taniloa, Rono, Tani : water, fire, earth and sky.
The rings emerging from the centre represent energy vibrating through and out to the World.
The circle of the arrows are in fact the Hala fruit of the Pandanus tree. The outer clockwise circle of large arrows is your movement toward the good for future generations. The inner counter-clockwise circle of smaller arrows represents your genealogy, your pu’u ka mo’o – ancestors of the past who are within us, to always aid and assist.

For a more comprehensive explanation of the medallion, front and back, please visit… Hawaiian Prophecies.

Thankyou Kawika! 🙂

Monoliths 8 and 9.

1mid monolith 9mid

Monoliths No.8 and 9 finished this week. Artwork dimensions: 111mm X 250mm. Both on A4 250gsm extra smooth cartridge paper/card. 🙂 ❤

Monolith No.6 “A Sacred Monolith”



I’m currently working on this new artwork, Monolith No.6. On A4 Bristol board, the paper/card is 250gsm, extra white and extra smooth. It’s a lovely surface to work with. It incorporates the dimensions of the Monolith encompassed within a golden rectangle. Taking my time and loving it. 🙂

Coloured Monoliths.


Curiosity got the better of me and I just wanted to see what one of my Monoliths would look like coloured in. Pleasantly suprised. 🙂

An A4 artwork exhibition.


Here is a selection of my A4 artwork available in my store. ❤ Only £7 each and at A4 really easy to find frames. 🙂


Morse code in my head.

"Stella Consciousness" A3-Pencils. The Cosmic Joker 2012.

“Stella Consciousness” A3-Pencils.
the cosmic joker 2012

I was going to sleep last night and was enjoying a nice relaxed hypnogogic state as I drifted off. The blackness I saw behind my eyelids became a vast black space.  And as happens often I enjoyed a nice show of vibrant colours washing around. The bit that has never happened before is then I heard morse code. But it was really fast. If I tried to concentrate on the beeps it would suddenly fade away. If I didn’t concentrate or listen for the morse code it returned. So there was no point trying to decipher it.

No idea what it means though. It did make me wonder if it was connected to my drawing. My shading is comprised of purely dots and dashes. A tenuous link I’m sure. Just sayin. 🙂

Where the Magic happens!


I went to the printers you can see…and I met a very nice transvestite who runs the place. Admiring my Artwork…she asked me if I would design a flag for the B.D.S.M community! (Bondage Domination Submission And Masochism) Gulp!

A fascinating conversation followed. The highlight of which was me explaining to her that perhaps incorporating a double-ended dildo into the design was less than subtle and maybe a “double headed snake” might convey a similar, yet more subtle, symbolic message. She was pleased with this. I was pleased with this.

Anyway let this not distract from the fact that I have some prints for sale of my Artwork! 🙂 A3 sized (glossy), sent out 1st class in a hardened tube. Signed by me the Artist of course. £13 each. Full refund if you don’t love it when you get it.

my little shop.

Reflections on Synchronicity.

It’s hard not to question the nature of reality when your faced with a series of synchronistic events in quick succession. But easy to come to the wrong conclusion. I remember a series coincidences a few  years back, all happening one after the other, to the point I actually thought I had suddenly become psychic! 🙂 I hadn’t though.

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“V” and “The Hatman”.

The picture on the left is V from “V for Vendetta” and the one on the right is what I saw standing at the bottom of my bed once. I’m just sayin.