Meditating with my eyes open.

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Up until this point in my life I would have to say absolutely nothing of a paranormal nature occurred in my life and I’m not even sure if this counts. It was certainly out of the ordinary for me though at the time. I was about 21 and a friend of mine had suggested meditating with my eyes open whilst using a mantra. I can’t remember the exact phrase, but it was something as ridiculous as this, “I can see higher vibrations.” Embarrassing I know but I’m determined to get all my experiences down, even the ones that make me cringe a bit.


I did this on my own in a dark room for about 10 minutes and repeated the mantra continuously. I was looking at the space in front of me rather than anything particular in the room and this is what happened.

Suddenly I could see wispy bits of light all over the room just hanging in the air. At first it would disappear as soon as I blinked, but after a little while longer continued despite blinking.  I hadn’t actually thought what to do if it did start working. So I simply asked “I want to see my higher self.”  With this request all the wispy bits of light came together in the room in front of me to form a circle about 3 feet in diameter and formed a kaleidoscope like pattern.  Whilst I was looking at this, from the left side of my vision appeared a man. A man casually jogging. He was also composed of the same light that had been floating in the air and he ran straight past me and out through the wall. His back was mainly towards me, as I saw him run off. He was naked except for some shorts he had on and his build was quite muscular. His whole body, his shorts and his muscles were defined by the light rather than me seeing him physically. His feet whilst jogging were about 1 foot above my ground level, but he did appear to be running on a level surface and as he reached the wall he just disappeared.

I remember feeling elated having this experience. I’d just seen a man run through my front room! Oh and just for the record, I’ve never thought for one second the jogger was my higher self! As for the kaleidoscope pattern I don’t know what that was either. Being desperate at the time for a “paranormal experience”, this was definitely my first notch on my paranormal bedpost.

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