The Monolith Project.


There’s something very fractal about drawing monoliths in a little black book. The little black book eventually becomes the monolith. Full of Stars. I could spend a lifetime just drawing monoliths. These are my first 10.


Monolith One. Inside cover of my little black book.


Monolith two,three,four and an experimental monolith.


Monolith five.


Monolith Six set inside a golden rectangle.


Monolith Seven.


Monolith eight.

monolith 9

Monolith Nine.


Monolith Ten.

So that is chapter One of The Monolith Project. I can’t wait to be able to spend more time on it. I have turned some of the 10 into available art if you like them. Hopefully I might be able to publish some of my Space art one day.


This is the experimental monolith mentioned earlier. I wondered what it would look like coloured in. 🙂





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