A Cosmic Trip.


🙂 These are my efforts this week. After finishing my most ambitious picture “Passport to Hypnogogia” last friday, it didn’t take 30 minutes before my mind wandered to what I could draw next. I want to try a small triptych as the symbolism of 3’s is throughout my work so seems a natural step, I’ll probably do an A3 one first and then an A2…will keep you posted! ❤

TRIP poster2lo

Any support would be much appreciated and desperately needed.  🙂 My Art for Sale.

Cosmic Astrology.

Ancient astronomy, the history of astrology and sacred geometry. A fascinating book, “Cosmic Astrology: The Book of Answers” by Athena Keen including some artwork from myself. Due out on the 16th Dec.
“Thank you so much for making the book interior beautiful! It will be in print Dec 16th… can’t wait to send you a copy!” Athena Keen.