Original Artwork for Sale. Make my Day!


I’m selling this Original and adding it to the store in a desperate bid to have enough money to buy proper coffee. Join me in my desperate bid.   >>Costa Coffee Awaits<<



A3 sized:fineliner.

Finished today. 🙂

Avebury Circle,Shadow People and Sleep Paralysis.

I think the year was 1997, give or take. I had some time off work, some spare money and fancied a little adventure. So quite on impulse I decided to go and visit Stonehenge and Avebury Circle in Wiltshire, England. It was only a few hours away so I packed a bag and got on a train.

I visited Stonehenge and thought it was nice to see up close, although nothing more than that really, so off I headed for Avebury Circle just a bus ride away. I’d recently watched Richard Hoaglands briefing to the United Nations on “The Monuments of Mars” and Avebury Circle came up in that presentation. I felt drawn to the place as cliché as that sounds.

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