Inspired by this plate which my mum had made to celebrate my birth, I was fascinated that you could include information in artwork. So when I realized I could draw I decided to evolve the idea a little and create some personalized artwork.

ENC 6 COSMIC 2015 hi

These particular Encirclopedias deal with your place in this Universe and the cycles within it when you emerged here. The information shown could be literal, symbolic or even coded within the picture. I don’t necessarily want the information to be too obvious but to someone in the know (you) it will speak volumes. The above Encirclopedia includes:

Time of Birth
Place of Birth
Planet of Origin.
Solar System
Zodiac Sign
Chinese Sign
Elemental Sign
Rising sign
Ruling Planet
Place in the Yuga Cycle
Among other symbolic information.

Every time I’m commissioned to do one, the design evolves a little. There are 2 versions. A 200mm on A3 paper and a 300mm on A2 paper.


 It’s entirely up-to you how much or little information you would like presented. Including hidden messages. It’s no problem if for example you don’t know your weight at birth or time. As I draw each one from a blank piece of paper I can be flexible concerning what info goes into the picture.

Each design is unique although you have a good idea of what it will look like from my previous encirclopedia.  A 200mm X 200mm Encirclopedia can be completed and dispatched within a week. (A 300mm X 300mm about 2 weeks).






An experimental 380mm Solar System Encirclopedia. My compass is pushed to the max.

This is the latest 300MM Encirclopedia finished this week. (June 2017).

And this is the one I am currently working on. A 300MM encirclopedia set with a 485MM Golden rectangle.

If you like to commission one please get in touch.

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plate Inspired by this plate which commerates my birth, sounds grand, I decided to do my own version. (I presume my mum had it made). I was always fascinated, even as a kid, that you could put information into a picture. Who knew!



This is just my first attempt so I’m going to keep evolving this idea and design. To refine and add to the information included and how the cycles relate to each other, whilst throwing in some sacred geometry and trying different themed Encirclopedia’s.

This one is 200mm X 200mm drawn on A3 size paper and takes about 2 days to hand draw. I can personalise one if anyone is interested, hand drawn from scratch with your details embedded in the picture.  Just make me an offer and I will get to work and send you the original. 🙂

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