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First page in a new sketchpad. It’s such a nice feeling. It’s like being born again.
I will fill it with symbols and designs to be used at a later date. Think Leonardo’s sketchbooks. :p

⚛-Ripples in a paranormal pond-⚛

"Ripples in a paranormal pond"

“Ripples in a paranormal pond”

Original SOLD today!!! On it’s way to Mexico City.
⚛-Ripples in a paranormal pond-⚛
Completed: 21-02-13
The Cosmic Joker

Before I send the original on it’s way tommorow I will get a few prints of it. (A3 size). So if you would like one for £15/$24 +shipping they are available here. I must remember to keep one for myself.




⚛-Ajna-⚛ -“finely tuned”
19-Sept-2013. Fine-liner.
31.5 x 19.5cm (it’s golden)

Print available. 


Version A.

Version A.

Version B. Work in progress.

Version B. Work in progress.


⚛-Work in progress-⚛



The Art Of affecting consciousness through Symbolism, Sacred Geometry and Synchronicity.

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