Crystal Grids!


I thought people were hanging my Artwork on their walls. Aparently not! This is a crystal grid layed out on my latest creation. I’m not sure what it’s for, but it feels and looks great. Many thanks to Brigitte for firstly buying some Artwork and secondly displaying it so beautifully. ❤

☼-The Art of Symbolism #42

A4-seeds of time

🙂 finished 16th Nov 2014: A4 size. Took me a couple of days. It was so enjoyable I’m going to do an A3 and A2 version I think. A2 first though as I cant even afford to buy an A3 pad!!! Sympathy and donations welcome. ❤

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Adventurer, sociopath and Captain of the starship Goldfish.

☼-Here’s a design I did for the cartoon “Sam Sweetmilk” 🙂
It’s a sketch which will appear as an element within the storyline. Check out their page, and follow the progress and creation of the new episode.


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