Hooray for Hexagons!

I have a new book out! “Hooray for Hexagons”. Including circles, cardioids, spirals, fractals, impossible objects, mandalas, tessellations, parabolic curves, and even our friends the hypotrochoids!
Many thanks to Buster Books and Michael O’Mara Books for making it happen and making the final product something to behold! Please check out their websites and if you would like to purchase one here are your amazon links. UK US


The Golden Ratio Colouring Book…updated.


🙂 Coming soon! This is what I’ve been quietly working on this year. So many people have asked me to do a colouring book for years and so this is for you! Although it’s not available until 17th November you can certainly pre-order a copy. Thankyou to everyone at Michael O’Mara books for their support. ❤

A sneeky peek inside…




Coloured Monoliths.


Curiosity got the better of me and I just wanted to see what one of my Monoliths would look like coloured in. Pleasantly suprised. 🙂

Dipping my toe into a pool of Sacred Geometry.


In Progress. (Pencils)

In Progress. (Pencils)



"Communion" A4-Pencils.

“Communion” A4-Pencils.

Inspired by the film “Communion” with Whitley Streiber. You know the scene where the being pops it’s head around the door? 


“Stellar Consciousness 2”


“Stella Consciousness 2” A3-Pencils.


Stellar Consciousness. A3-Pencils.

"Stella Consciousness" A3-Pencils.

“Stella Consciousness” A3-Pencils.