The Hatman…Updated.

hatman mid.jpg

I’ve been meaning to draw this exact picture for a couple of years now. Seeing how I am stuck in bed recuperating from an operation, I thought I would get it out of my head.

Update: So I’ve finished the picture above, it was worthy of finishing. The black and white space spiralling around the border symbolises the concept of twin universes, (universes being born in pairs) one physical, the other non physical, wrapped around and within one another. The ancient symbols at the top centre represent a possible way of communication between a material and non material universes. The dots and dashes behind them showing that information is being transmitted , not just pretty symbols. The Symbols bottom centre are Egyptian hieroglyphics for the word “hept”, which means ‘to embrace’. A square and a hemi sphere surrounded by a pair of outstretched arms. But symbolically read can mean the embrace of the physical and non physical. The corner stones again are Egyptian symbols for wind-fire-earth and water through which a material universe emerges.

So the reason I connected the Hatman to this ancient concept is only because I don’t know not what was standing in my room that time. Perhaps these non physical beings come from a non physical universe wrapped all around and within us. 

I saw it once standing at the bottom of my bed. Read more…

Consciousness #3 in progress.

Work in progress.

Work in progress.

Following the success of Consciousness and Consciousness #2, I’m making a start at Consciousness #3. Each one increasing in size. Measuring 520mm X 320mm. Now time to uniquely shade 145 seeds of life.I still have a few prints of Consciousness #2 avaiable.

Consciousness. Consciousness2

If life gives you lemonade……whaaaa?



As usually happens with my work, this just started out as a doodle and evolved from there. Everytime I thought I’d finished it, I’d get pulled back to add another layer. So here I am again and I feel I’ve finished it, but who knows? True with most of my pictures I prefer to let people see what they want to see rather than me telling you what it means or symbolises for me. There probably isn’t a right answer anyway just different perspectives. That said, I did decide to call it “Mushrooms and Consciousness” at one point. I do really struggle with titles sometimes. (include blog-post titles. Obviously.)

Anyway, I think it’s done now because I wouldn’t mind putting it in a frame and hanging it up on the wall (that’s usually how I know). But I can’t afford a frame so it’s up for sale in my store. If nobody buys it by the time I get a frame, I think I may keep this one. (there will be a few prints available).

What title would you give this picture? 🙂 ❤