Symbolic Architecture: The Dolem.


This is my tribute to “Pi Day” symbolically represented by The Dolem. Another beautiful, ritually aligned, stone structure. It’s comprised of Dogon cosmological symbols I’m been playing with and really is just a doodle. Yes it’s a day late, Pi day was yesterday, but this is a very quiet website..I’m sure no one noticed. 🙂

Kits Coty.

Me at my local dolem “Kits Coty”, Kent, England.

Symbolic Architecture: The Stupa


🙂 Continuing my Symbolism and Cosmological studies, by which I mean diving into the work of Laird Scranton, I’ve spent the last couple of days working on this. It’s called a Stupa. A stone structure from India, an aligned ritual shrine and thousands of years old.

When I saw a picture of this Stupa in Sanchi for the first time recently, it really stopped me in my tracks.  So I thought I would draw it, so I would never forget it. It’s so perfect and beautiful and the oldest stone structure in India. ❤

The picture above is 2 days into the picture and then inverting it. The other is the completed picture which I finished yesterday. (On Laird Scrantons birthday no less! Coincidence? I. think. not.)

Even though I am using these pictures to help me understand and remember what I am learning if you would like to buy the original or a print of the completed picture you can. The support would be greatly appreciated not to mention desperately needed.


New artwork finished.


☼-finished this week. About 5 days in the making.
Each seed of life is unique and was such good therapy creating it. Kind of an orgasm of ideas leaving space for new ones.
On A3 180gsm paper. 388mm X 240mm.
Original available and I have some limited edition prints too
🙂 Pass my work on if you like it-☼

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⚛-The Granary-⚛ has left the country.

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“The Granary”. Completed on the 14th July is one of my favourite creations and definately my largest at 500mm X 365mm. It took about 2 weeks to complete and about 3 or 4 fineliners! Every seed of life design, all 166 of them are unique. I’m 99.9% sure of that!

The original is now on it’s way to illinois, U.S. 🙂 I’m so glad, and proud to of sold it this week, and the best bit is I can buy some new fineliners and even buy some prints of the above picture to make available for anyone who’d like one.

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☼-Sacred Symbols-☼


☼-some shots of ☼-Sacred Symbols-☼
Still a work in progress…I should have it finished within the week, although I did say that last week as well. 🙂


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Adventurer, sociopath and Captain of the starship Goldfish.

☼-Here’s a design I did for the cartoon “Sam Sweetmilk” 🙂
It’s a sketch which will appear as an element within the storyline. Check out their page, and follow the progress and creation of the new episode.


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Laird Scranton is the key to advanced science in the ancient egyptian heiroglyphs!


Finally saved a few pennies to buy “Sacred Symbols of the Dogon” by Laird Scranton. I could not be more happy!! 🙂

Here’s a really interesting interview with Laird a few weeks ago. ❤