Doodling Dogon Style.

The Art Of Dogon Symbolism.

The Art Of Dogon Symbolism.



“They say the more you know,the more you know you don’t know”. I don’t know who first said this (which proves the saying is right), and I dont know who came up with this one either: “All we know is still infinitely less than all that still remains unknown”.

It’s comments like these that put me off trying to learn.” 🙂 Karl Pilkington

195mm X 135mm.


Finished yesterday. Inspired by the Ancient Yuga cycle of 24,000 years.

195mm X 135mm. 

⚛-Unity becomes Duality-⚛

Unity becomes dualityCreated this image yesterday whilst listening to the tones of John Anthony West. ❤ 🙂

☼-shine on-☼


I have such a compulsion to get these images down on paper that sometimes it takes too long to express it in a proper picture/ piece of Art, so I just get it down in a doodle.

☼-the art of symbolism.


Listening to a nicely chilled plate of ambient-downtempo beats and grooves. And doodling.-☼