⚛-fibonacci #4

fib #4

Putting Fibonacci #4 aside for a little while to work on a commision so here is the latest work in progress. ❤


☼-the art of fibonacci.

Working on a series of 3 pictures based on the Fibonacci sequence. I’ve never drawn a Fibonacci spiral before but it is surprisingly easy. My prime motivation was just wondering what they would look like. However I am in awe of the shape and geometry. It’s a gift for an Artist! Each picture approximately doubles in size and hopefully the designs will organically evolve as I do each new picture. So I have completed Fibonacci #1 and Fibonacci #2 both pictured below. As ever they are available to anyone that would like one or all of them. Just make me an offer. 🙂


108mm x 172mm


212mm X 167mm

fib2 lo

212mm X 167mm

I am currently working on Fibonacci #3. I’ll post a work in progress picture later, and it should be completed by the end of the week. 😉

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