🙂 Finished my TripTych measuring 370mm X 260mm on A3 paper. It took about 120 hours and I’m really proud of the end result and a little surprised. Some Solar system data, star correlations, ancient symbolism, megaliths, paranormal activity and some sacred building blocks. ❤


Original available.

(and a couple of prints!)

Trip Close 1a

Passport to Hypnogogia.

Passport to Hypnogogia.

🙂 Working title “Passport to Hypnogogia”.

Spent the last 14 days working on this picture and I think I’ve pretty much finished it this morning. I may have said this before but this picture is now my favourite. I think because it incorporates many of my interests, experiences and even artistic ideas for fineliner shading that I’ve discovered over the last 3 years.

It’s 550mm X 340mm (Golden Rectangle) and sits nicely on A2 paper. ❤

I will scan the picture when I have a few pennies and post some better pics if anyones interested. I could also make some prints available too. I think I will do a picture with some explanations of the symbols too. The original is available.

Let me know what you think of it. Feedback is really important to me and can really change my direction when it comes to trying new pictures. 🙂

Passport to Hypnogogia Closeup1. (lo) P2H2

Luxor Temple and Consciousness.

Luxor Consciousness3🙂 Really proud of my efforts this month. “Luxor Temple” and “Consciousness” 3.

So I finally finished off my tribute to “Luxor Temple” sometimes known as the Temple in Man. A magnificent structure, which has no business being built around 3500 years ago! It belongs in the future, not the past. My inspiration for drawing this was actually the documentary “Magical Egypt“. I don’t know how many times I have listened to Robert Bauval and John Anthony West beautifully describe the magic in this temple. Also Gary Evans, a man who truly knows how this place can affect your consciousness.

And Consciousness (3) my ever evolving idea. All seeds of life in each picture are uniquely decorated. Not an easy effort as there is over 200 in Luxor Temple and around 135 in Consciousness. I only stop because I run out of paper. ❤

Happy to sell the originals or do some prints if anyone’s interested. Here’s some close ups.

C3close   1mid

Luxor1  ☼-facebook ☼-twitter-INSTAGRAM ☼-online store

Consciousness #3 in progress.

Work in progress.

Work in progress.

Following the success of Consciousness and Consciousness #2, I’m making a start at Consciousness #3. Each one increasing in size. Measuring 520mm X 320mm. Now time to uniquely shade 145 seeds of life.I still have a few prints of Consciousness #2 avaiable.

Consciousness. Consciousness2

☼-New Artwork. 250mm X 250mm.


Finished this little creation last night. Untitled as yet…took about 4 days on and off. I just want to start all over and draw it again when I finished it, so relaxing was it to draw. That would be silly though, so time to “upgrade” my 300mm Encirclopedias. Also this week whilst drawing the above, I also redesigned the 200mm Encirclopedia. Have a look. 🙂

If anyone knows how I might spread my Art “out there” any help would be much appreciated. ❤ I have opened an Instagram and Pinterest account to see if that might help. 🙂

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New Tepi.

☼-Travel once around the Sun.

Travel once around the Sun. #2

Travel once around the Sun. #2

❤ Finished another picture last night in the series called ☼-Travel once around the Sun-☼ It’s 275mm X 275mm and has included within it our Solar system, the Yuga cycle, the Elements air, earth, fire and water along with the signs of the western zodiac.

Some close ups to follow in the next few days. 🙂

"A Great Year" (Travel once around the Sun.#1)

“A Great Year” (Travel once around the Sun.#1)

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☼-“The Island of Paratopia”


“The Island of Paratopia”

562mm X 392mm

The Island of Paratopia, a paranormal retreat inhabitted by the likes of The Jeff and The Jerr. ❤ My first picture of the year.

Off to the printers tommorow, so will have a few prints available. One of which is going up on my wall. 🙂 (Close ups to follow.)

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☼-Universe eh.

Poster-A great year.hi

Finished this picture on the Winter Solstice. A tribute to “The Great Year” as depicted in the ancient Yuga Cycle of 24,000 years and a suitable celebration for the end of 2014. A challenging year in many, many ways on a personal level, but I could not be happier with my Art. Someone was kind enough to make an offer for this Artwork before it was even finished, now completed is on its way to the Yukon, Canada.


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Cosmic Astrology.

Ancient astronomy, the history of astrology and sacred geometry. A fascinating book, “Cosmic Astrology: The Book of Answers” by Athena Keen including some artwork from myself. Due out on the 16th Dec.
“Thank you so much for making the book interior beautiful! It will be in print Dec 16th… can’t wait to send you a copy!” Athena Keen.

A4 Artwork

5loMy latest tiny creation on A4 paper so very easy to frame. Picture measures 266mm X 180mm. I’m currently working on a series of A4 limited edition prints. This will be added to the collection. The first A4 limited edition prints are already available in the store. 🙂 Help yourself. ❤

Contact details: ☼–email: steverichards@hushmail.com

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