Page 1.


First page in a new sketchpad. It’s such a nice feeling. It’s like being born again.
I will fill it with symbols and designs to be used at a later date. Think Leonardo’s sketchbooks. :p

I made a keyring.


If you like my Art and by pure chance you also need a keyring, look no further. I made this for you. 🙂

etsy shop.

I made this for YOU! :)


Spent my last pennies on these combat green vest tops. Hope someone likes them! 🙂 Click here if you would like one. shop.

I made another t-shirt.

000_0018 000_0016

Whats that I hear you say? “Where can I get a t-shirt with one of your designs on Cosmic Joker?” Well funny you should say that. Look no further. :)   my little shop.