Imagine if Universes are born in pairs.

C Doodling Dogon Style. Apparently Dogon cosmology says that Universes are born in pairs. One physical (hello!) and one none physical. So in ours we experience time and in theirs because they are infinitesimally small, do not experience time. They have perfect knowledge but no ability to create. Whereas we have the ability to create but imperfect knowledge. Such a cool concept. Ancient Dogon Cosmology and it’s better than our Science fiction. So it makes me wonder if all the various paranormal phenomena we experience are different kinds of interaction between a physical Universe and a non-physical Universes. Simple as that?

I also wonder if “the others” wear massive fedora hats and black capes. And all they can do is appear at the bottom of my bed and just stare.


☼-“The Island of Paratopia”


“The Island of Paratopia”

562mm X 392mm

The Island of Paratopia, a paranormal retreat inhabitted by the likes of The Jeff and The Jerr. ❀ My first picture of the year.

Off to the printers tommorow, so will have a few prints available. One of which is going up on my wall. πŸ™‚ (Close ups to follow.)

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Morse code in my head.

"Stella Consciousness" A3-Pencils. The Cosmic Joker 2012.

“Stella Consciousness” A3-Pencils.
the cosmic joker 2012

I was going to sleep last night and was enjoying a nice relaxed hypnogogic state as I drifted off. The blackness I saw behind my eyelids became a vast black space.Β  And as happens often I enjoyed a nice show of vibrant colours washing around. The bit that has never happened before is then I heard morse code. But it was really fast. If I tried to concentrate on the beeps it would suddenly fade away. If I didn’t concentrate or listen for the morse code it returned. So there was no point trying to decipher it.

No idea what it means though. It did make me wonder if it was connected to my drawing. My shading is comprised of purely dots and dashes. A tenuous link I’m sure. Just sayin. πŸ™‚

βš›-Muladhara-βš› Solar Plexus.

βš›-Muladhara-βš› Solar Plexus.

fine-line drawing.

finished today. Took about 30 hours. Image 23cm X 23cm on A3 paper.

βš›-Muladhara-βš› Solar Plexus in progress.

Continuing my Chakra themed artwork.
βš›-Muladhara-βš› Solar Plexus in progress!





βš› SUPERNOVA βš› Started and finished in the Sunshine.
A3-fineliner. Completed 5th June 2013
Original and prints available.





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