Sun and Sand.


25531891_856223687869635_1981907927090423115_o[1]These are the calendars you are looking for. Another year of creativity from Land/Sand Artist Marc Treanor. He’s a legend. Check him out… SandCircles.

Never imagined I’d see my art created in this way. Such an honour. There’s a great video of it’s creation on youtube.

Mysterious sand circles appearing in Wales.


This is the work of Mark Treanor, an amazing artist and photographer who works during the Sunrise to creates the most beautiful designs. I was honoured to be asked my Mark if he could use my design “Ripples in a paranormal pond” for his next project, and here it is! This sand circle appeared on Mwnt beach in Wales this weekend.  My jaw dropped when I saw it. I love it so much!

See more of Marks work here.

Original sold to a Mexican film director!