Encirclopedia. The Art of Sundials.

the good old daysSo much Art is pouring out of me this month. And I don’t even know what to do with any of it. This particular Sundial is highlighting 2 catastrophe’s to hit our solar system in our recent past. The yuga cycle is also depicted in the shading. The contrasting ‘black and white’ is meant to represent the dual nature of Universes. Universes born in pairs, one physical and the other non physical. These are also represented by our Sun and Sirius in the Artwork. Also the 12 astrological signs. The spacecraft Voyager 2 is also in the picture which has apparently left our solar system now and is headed for Sirius. I do wonder is Sirius is actually headed towards us in a binary orbit with our Sun. Or Sirius and Sol could both be going around an unknown central point. I digress.

Hope you like it. If you love it..happy to sell the original. 🙂 ❤

Sundial-loOriginal Artwork completed 13th August 2015.
Dimensions: (Artwork) 260mm on A3 paper.

1I can also do personalised versions representing and highlighting your place in the Universe when you entered. Heres an example. 🙂

Zep Tepi #2.

Zep Tepi #2

Been pouring my energy into the next picture in the Zep Tepi series. I think I’m about 60 hours in. Another 60 hours should do it.

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☼-Travel once around the Sun.

Travel once around the Sun. #2

Travel once around the Sun. #2

❤ Finished another picture last night in the series called ☼-Travel once around the Sun-☼ It’s 275mm X 275mm and has included within it our Solar system, the Yuga cycle, the Elements air, earth, fire and water along with the signs of the western zodiac.

Some close ups to follow in the next few days. 🙂

"A Great Year" (Travel once around the Sun.#1)

“A Great Year” (Travel once around the Sun.#1)

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☼-Sacred Sci-fi.


This is on my little drawing board at the moment. It’s looking a bit “Sci-fi”. I would love to get it printed on some kind of cloth any size upto say 6ft by 6ft. Is such a thing even possible? Any help/suggestions would be really appreciated. If not…more handkerchief designs coming soon! 🙂

Contact details: ☼–email: steverichards@hushmail.com

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⚛-A new work in progress. (Working title-Sacred Symbols)


-I’ve been pouring my energy into this picture this week. Measuring 560mm X 375mm it’s massive. I’m really happy with the way it’s turning out. Next stage some Egyptian and Dogon cosmological symbols. 🙂

☼-New pad. ☼-New Doodle.

Super SmoothA 3 day doodle to break in my new pad. The paper is super smooth, super white and so thick it’s more like card. A real joy to draw on.

“Symbols and Cycles” a new work in progress.

Thought I would make a start on a new picture for this week. Nothing else to do! 🙂 ❤




Original and Prints available here.

“Precession of the Yugas”


The Sun finally came out so I’ve been able to take a decent photo!
“The Precession of the Yugas”
24.08.2013. A3-fineliner.

Original or Prints available here. 🙂


“Yuga Cycle”

Yuga Cycle.

5 hour doodle depicting the “Yuga Cycle” (kind of.) An artistic impression! ⚛
Inspired by reading “Lost Star of Myth and Time” by Walter Cruttenden.

“The spinning Earth gives us the beauty of day and night, and our orbit around the Sun gives us the life and joy of the changing seasons. Now we are about to find that a binary motion produces the preccesion of the equinox and gives us a cosmic cycle so real and so grand in it’s magnificence, it not only makes sense of history, it brings wonder to life.”

Art Rocks.


Couldn’t find my copper chisel so I’m drawing on Stone instead.