Luxor Temple and Consciousness.

Luxor Consciousness3🙂 Really proud of my efforts this month. “Luxor Temple” and “Consciousness” 3.

So I finally finished off my tribute to “Luxor Temple” sometimes known as the Temple in Man. A magnificent structure, which has no business being built around 3500 years ago! It belongs in the future, not the past. My inspiration for drawing this was actually the documentary “Magical Egypt“. I don’t know how many times I have listened to Robert Bauval and John Anthony West beautifully describe the magic in this temple. Also Gary Evans, a man who truly knows how this place can affect your consciousness.

And Consciousness (3) my ever evolving idea. All seeds of life in each picture are uniquely decorated. Not an easy effort as there is over 200 in Luxor Temple and around 135 in Consciousness. I only stop because I run out of paper. ❤

Happy to sell the originals or do some prints if anyone’s interested. Here’s some close ups.

C3close   1mid

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Ancient Secrets #1 : The Temple in Man.




I could spend a lifetime studying this magnificent place. Luxor Temple in Egypt. Also known as The Temple in Man. It’s a real insight into the quality of consciousness experienced thousands of years ago. This is my first attempt at trying to capture it’s mysterious, symbolic nature. I may have to spread it out over 4 pieces of A3 paper however due to its size.

The above pictures represent the top of the head down to the heart. I would also like to do a complete version (top to toe) I think on A2 sized paper. Good luck me! 🙂

392-Luxor temple aerial 1

If you would like to know more about “The Temple in Man” make a cup of tea and watch this. 🙂