☼-I can’t stop drawing.


☼-this is my latest work in progress at 377mm X 233mm. Thoroughly absorbing to create..bordering on hypnogogia. 🙂 ❤

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If life gives you lemonade……whaaaa?



As usually happens with my work, this just started out as a doodle and evolved from there. Everytime I thought I’d finished it, I’d get pulled back to add another layer. So here I am again and I feel I’ve finished it, but who knows? True with most of my pictures I prefer to let people see what they want to see rather than me telling you what it means or symbolises for me. There probably isn’t a right answer anyway just different perspectives. That said, I did decide to call it “Mushrooms and Consciousness” at one point. I do really struggle with titles sometimes. (include blog-post titles. Obviously.)

Anyway, I think it’s done now because I wouldn’t mind putting it in a frame and hanging it up on the wall (that’s usually how I know). But I can’t afford a frame so it’s up for sale in my store. If nobody buys it by the time I get a frame, I think I may keep this one. (there will be a few prints available).

What title would you give this picture? 🙂 ❤