New Artwork.



🙂 Finished this today. Measuring  256mm X 185mm on A4 (250gsm), extra smooth, Bristol board. ❤ It started off as a platonic totem pole but I couldn’t leave it alone. So then it started feeling like I was drawing some exotic spaceship. And now the creative process is complete it looks like a pharaonic, platonic, Chewbacca. 😃


“Platonic Space”

I bought some frames!  This particular Artwork is called ☼-Platonic Space. It is -350mm X 250mm the Original and prints are available in my etsy store. 🙂 ❤

Platonic frames


Platonic Space.


Its been a challenging week completing this picture. I am so proud of it though given the circumstances I am in. I started it a few days after my operation. Its been quite tricky knowing where to rest my drawing board given an open wound where I would normally rest it. However it represents my transformation from being very, very poorly to still actually quite poorly. Recovery takes time aparently.

Still proud of this picture though. I have laid out the platonic solids in a fibonacci spiral and made it look pretty! As usual all of my work is available to buy. Even the Originals are up for grabs. Here.

Some close ups.