☼-Consciousness 2 finished today.


“Consciousness 2”
Taken about a week to complete this picture. Thoroughly absorbing creating it. It is a new version of a picture I did earlier this year called “Mushrooms and Consciousness”
Its on A3 paper, 180gsm and the picture dimensions are 377mm X 233mm. 377 and 233.. adjacent numbers in the fibonacci sequence and together they form a golden rectangle. ❤
Completed on 10th December 2014, today!

Contact details: ☼–email: steverichards@hushmail.com

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The original will be available in my etsy store and also some limited edition prints. #100

☼-I can’t stop drawing.


☼-this is my latest work in progress at 377mm X 233mm. Thoroughly absorbing to create..bordering on hypnogogia. 🙂 ❤

Contact details: ☼–email: steverichards@hushmail.com

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☼-New A5 artwork.


A sketchpad doodle (about 14hrs) but on the finest 250gsm “extra smooth” paper/card. I just wanted to play with the pyramids of Giza and Sirius with 2 Suns locked in orbit. In the centre are the egyptian glyphs for, (from back to front) Mass/Matter. Sun. Shining Light.

Other A5 artwork available here.

The Art of Symbolism.

sol hiDoodling ideas for future pictures. 🙂 ❤

New commission completed.


post2 hi

I have permission to show off my new commision which I completed earlier this month. 🙂  It’s a brand new “Encirclopedia” commissioned by Corneliu. It’s 300mm X 300mm and includes a wealth of information. Some symbolic, some literal and some coded. It took about 80 hours to complete and was an absolute joy to do. This one now lives in Amsterdam. ❤


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☼-New pad. ☼-New Doodle.

Super SmoothA 3 day doodle to break in my new pad. The paper is super smooth, super white and so thick it’s more like card. A real joy to draw on.

“Symbols and Cycles” a new work in progress.

Thought I would make a start on a new picture for this week. Nothing else to do! 🙂 ❤




Original and Prints available here.

☼-Doodle of our Solar System-☼


☼-Doodle of our Solar System-☼ (possible centre piece for the latest W.I.P.)