Symbolic Architecture: The Dolem.


This is my tribute to “Pi Day” symbolically represented by The Dolem. Another beautiful, ritually aligned, stone structure. It’s comprised of Dogon cosmological symbols I’m been playing with and really is just a doodle. Yes it’s a day late, Pi day was yesterday, but this is a very quiet website..I’m sure no one noticed. 🙂

Kits Coty.

Me at my local dolem “Kits Coty”, Kent, England.

The further adventures of Zep Tepi.

1   pyrstonedolem-lo  Z2lo  ZEP#0  1lo

Inspired by a previous golden age, their symbolic language and the megalithic builders.


⚛-A new work in progress. (Working title-Sacred Symbols)


⚛-I’ve been pouring my energy into this picture this week. Measuring 560mm X 375mm it’s massive. I’m really happy with the way it’s turning out. Next stage some Egyptian and Dogon cosmological symbols. 🙂

“Yuga Cycle”

Yuga Cycle.

5 hour doodle depicting the “Yuga Cycle” (kind of.) An artistic impression! ⚛
Inspired by reading “Lost Star of Myth and Time” by Walter Cruttenden.

“The spinning Earth gives us the beauty of day and night, and our orbit around the Sun gives us the life and joy of the changing seasons. Now we are about to find that a binary motion produces the preccesion of the equinox and gives us a cosmic cycle so real and so grand in it’s magnificence, it not only makes sense of history, it brings wonder to life.”

“The Church of Synchronicity” What was I thinking!?

So it has occured to me during conversations with others mainly on facebook, that I rarely explain my Art, its meanings or anything like that. The reason for this is it feels kind of personal and I’m not very good at explaining it. However I should try. I will talk about my picture “The Church of Synchronicity” to give you idea of what goes through my head.

master lo

The symbols and themes of my Art are my passions. Hermetic/Egyptian knowledge, Sacred Geometry, Consciousness, a living Sun, cycles of high and low ages, Sirius, Binary Orbits that sort of stuff and more. And I want to learn how to encompass this information into my pictures. But as I’m newish to this I dont know how to do it yet properly. So in the above picture I wanted to just squeeze in some themes.


I had an urge to try and combine old megalithic structures and those great big gothic cathedrals. So I threw in Stonehenge there (also a representation of pi) and built the church around it. It’s made up of Stonehenge (Stonehenge is decorated with the Platonic Solids and Zener Symbols) and the sun rising above it. The 2 triangles above the henge represent the left and right hemispheres of the brain and also create 2 obelisks out of the henge which you find at the entrances of ancient egyptian temples. What would be the stained glass window has 12 suns on it marked half way by the Sun on the Cross to represent the summer solstice. And then there’s the 2 snakes heads poking over the top! It also commerates a year of being an “Artist” so as you look into the cathedral/henge you see 1 candle cunningly disguised as an Obelisk.


There’s also a morse code message in there too. Clearly a cry for help. 🙂

Steve/The Cosmic Joker

⚛The Church of Synchronicity.⚛ (CLOSE UP)


The Church of Synchronicity.

master lo

I’m so happy to get this picture done. And by this morning too. Its to commerate the Summer Solstice and to celebrate me being an Artist for a whole year!

The Original is available in my etsy shop if you would like it hanging on your wall. 🙂

Original Artwork for Sale. Make my Day!


I’m selling this Original and adding it to the store in a desperate bid to have enough money to buy proper coffee. Join me in my desperate bid.   >>Costa Coffee Awaits<<

⚛The Church of Synchronicity.⚛


For my next picture and to celebrate being an Artist for a whole year, I will be paying tribute to Stonehenge and satisfying my desire to create a cathedral front. I’ll also be squeezing in some platonic solids and celebrating the approaching Summer Solstice.



A3 sized:fineliner.

Finished today. 🙂