One Started off as a doodle this weekend. Fortunately I always start my doodles in the centre of a good quality paper so if it feels good I have the option of extending it out into a fully blown picture or super doodle. 🙂


I’ve made it available in my etsy store for a few more days. If no one snaps it up I’m going to extend it out some more. ❤

☼-Mushrooms and Consciousness.


One of my favourite pics I did earlier this year has found a new home in illinois, U.S. It joins 9 other original artworks around the world. 🙂 ❤

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A Cosmic Joker design spotted in the wild!

The very first “Cosmic Joker” tattoo spotted in Berlin on the Arm of “Giovanni Conti”. 🙂


Tattoos and keyrings.

3 tattoo designs I did today for my girlfriend. I made them into keyrings so if she likes one she can carry it around with her for a while,just to check she still loves it in a week or two. 🙂 ❆