The inaugural logo for Trib HüVan : 3rd Circle visions.

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✾ 1-11-14 ~ The month of One-ness ~ ✾
Today Im very excited to reveal our inaugural logo for Trib HüVan : 3rd Circle visions, created by the very talented visionary artist ~ The Cosmic Joker (

“This logo is a very personal representation of my journey and contains deep esoteric symbology to reflect this voyage. Using a wide array of occult wisdom, The Cosmic Joker has incorporated the use of the Golden Ratio (Phi), Astrology, Sacred Geometry, Yogic and Buddhist wisdom teachings as well as incorporating influences from Indigenous and Aboriginal cultures from around the world”.

If you’re on facebook, check out Trib’s facebook page where you can see some of his work. His website is coming soon. Very soon! 🙂

⚛-Logo Design. (commission)

⚛-Logo design finished for Visionary photographer Trib Huvan at 3rd Circle Visions.-⚛



3rd Circle Visions.

TriB Master 2-lo

Proud to be working with Visionary photographer Trib HuVan on a logo design for 3rd Circle Visions.
This is one of the preliminary ideas/design sheet.