Monolith No.6 “A Sacred Monolith”



I’m currently working on this new artwork, Monolith No.6. On A4 Bristol board, the paper/card is 250gsm, extra white and extra smooth. It’s a lovely surface to work with. It incorporates the dimensions of the Monolith encompassed within a golden rectangle. Taking my time and loving it. 🙂

☼-“The Island of Paratopia”


“The Island of Paratopia”

562mm X 392mm

The Island of Paratopia, a paranormal retreat inhabitted by the likes of The Jeff and The Jerr. ❤ My first picture of the year.

Off to the printers tommorow, so will have a few prints available. One of which is going up on my wall. 🙂 (Close ups to follow.)

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Doodle #3


There’s a lot of doodling going on in between commissions. 🙂TAOS