A4 sketchpad art.


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⚛-A new work in progress. (Working title-Sacred Symbols)


-I’ve been pouring my energy into this picture this week. Measuring 560mm X 375mm it’s massive. I’m really happy with the way it’s turning out. Next stage some Egyptian and Dogon cosmological symbols. 🙂

195mm X 135mm.


Finished yesterday. Inspired by the Ancient Yuga cycle of 24,000 years.

195mm X 135mm. 

Insert blog post title here. (I got nothin.)

park doodle hi

Found myself in a park yesterday, lapping up the Sun. I had the good fortune of taking with me my tools of the trade, so powered by the Sun I feverishly doodled.

When suddenly….

☼-Myth, Matter and Pattern-☼


Spent the last 10 days or so creating this. ❤ -Another page in my imaginary Art Book.

Before I frame it and put it on the wall I will make a few prints available here. 🙂


☼-New pad. ☼-New Doodle.

Super SmoothA 3 day doodle to break in my new pad. The paper is super smooth, super white and so thick it’s more like card. A real joy to draw on.

“Symbols and Cycles”

symbols.loReally proud of my new picture “Symbols and Cycles”  Plenty of symbolism in there for the keen eye. Or perhaps just my eye. It took about 60 hours to ink. And is now available in my Etsy store. Original and prints available. 🙂 ❤

“Symbols and Cycles” a new work in progress.

Thought I would make a start on a new picture for this week. Nothing else to do! 🙂 ❤




Original and Prints available here.

Sirius. (A+B in motion)

“Sirius. (A+B in motion)”  Completed on 14th May 2014. It’s 227mm X 277mm X 314mm. Original available (here) if anyone would like to hang it on their wall. 🙂  

Solar mandala-hiClose up1-hi

“Precession of the Yugas”


The Sun finally came out so I’ve been able to take a decent photo!
“The Precession of the Yugas”
24.08.2013. A3-fineliner.

Original or Prints available here. 🙂