🙂 Finished my TripTych measuring 370mm X 260mm on A3 paper. It took about 120 hours and I’m really proud of the end result and a little surprised. Some Solar system data, star correlations, ancient symbolism, megaliths, paranormal activity and some sacred building blocks. ❤


Original available.

(and a couple of prints!)

Trip Close 1a

☼-“The Island of Paratopia”


“The Island of Paratopia”

562mm X 392mm

The Island of Paratopia, a paranormal retreat inhabitted by the likes of The Jeff and The Jerr. ❤ My first picture of the year.

Off to the printers tommorow, so will have a few prints available. One of which is going up on my wall. 🙂 (Close ups to follow.)

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☼-New A5 artwork.


A sketchpad doodle (about 14hrs) but on the finest 250gsm “extra smooth” paper/card. I just wanted to play with the pyramids of Giza and Sirius with 2 Suns locked in orbit. In the centre are the egyptian glyphs for, (from back to front) Mass/Matter. Sun. Shining Light.

Other A5 artwork available here.

“Zep Tepi” 395mm X 266mm

Zep Tepi

I finished another creation today. “Zep Tepi” inspired by a previous golden age, their symbolic language and the megalithic builders. ❤

There is a lot of detail in the picture so I will do another post showing some close ups and explaining some of the information included in the picture.

Happy to sell the original…I’m that poor. also I will have a few prints available here if you’d like one. 🙂

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195mm X 135mm.


Finished yesterday. Inspired by the Ancient Yuga cycle of 24,000 years.

195mm X 135mm. 

“Symbols and Cycles”

symbols.loReally proud of my new picture “Symbols and Cycles”  Plenty of symbolism in there for the keen eye. Or perhaps just my eye. It took about 60 hours to ink. And is now available in my Etsy store. Original and prints available. 🙂 ❤

“Symbols and Cycles” a new work in progress.

Thought I would make a start on a new picture for this week. Nothing else to do! 🙂 ❤




Original and Prints available here.

It’s bigger on the inside.


Started work on a new project a few days ago. I don’t know what to call it yet but I’m trying to find a way of including information on,
The Yuga Cycle
The Zodiac
The Chinese Zodiac
Ruling Planets
The Solstices
The Lunar Cycle
Earth, Air, Fire and Water
12 flower of Life variations
some hidden morse code
and Pi to 360 digits.