Passport to Hypnogogia.

Passport to Hypnogogia.

🙂 Working title “Passport to Hypnogogia”.

Spent the last 14 days working on this picture and I think I’ve pretty much finished it this morning. I may have said this before but this picture is now my favourite. I think because it incorporates many of my interests, experiences and even artistic ideas for fineliner shading that I’ve discovered over the last 3 years.

It’s 550mm X 340mm (Golden Rectangle) and sits nicely on A2 paper. ❤

I will scan the picture when I have a few pennies and post some better pics if anyones interested. I could also make some prints available too. I think I will do a picture with some explanations of the symbols too. The original is available.

Let me know what you think of it. Feedback is really important to me and can really change my direction when it comes to trying new pictures. 🙂

Passport to Hypnogogia Closeup1. (lo) P2H2

☼-The Art of Symbolism #42

A4-seeds of time

🙂 finished 16th Nov 2014: A4 size. Took me a couple of days. It was so enjoyable I’m going to do an A3 and A2 version I think. A2 first though as I cant even afford to buy an A3 pad!!! Sympathy and donations welcome. ❤

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☼-Sacred Symbols-☼


☼-some shots of ☼-Sacred Symbols-☼
Still a work in progress…I should have it finished within the week, although I did say that last week as well. 🙂


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It’s bigger on the inside.


Started work on a new project a few days ago. I don’t know what to call it yet but I’m trying to find a way of including information on,
The Yuga Cycle
The Zodiac
The Chinese Zodiac
Ruling Planets
The Solstices
The Lunar Cycle
Earth, Air, Fire and Water
12 flower of Life variations
some hidden morse code
and Pi to 360 digits.